Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) Training Courses

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Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) – Elementary First Aid

Duration1 day
Time6-7 hours
Max. number of participants12
Pre-RequisiteIt is assumed the participants will have little knowledge or experience of shipping or life at sea.


This training should enable a successful participant to demonstrate that they can take immediate action upon encountering an accident or medical emergency.

Course Aim

To provide a basic knowledge of what to do when faced with an accident or medical emergency.


Participants need to have knowledge and understanding of

  • Safety of self and casualty
  • Safe airway / recovery position
  • Bleeding / shock
  • CPR / EAV Burns
  • Rescue, transporting casualty


Will be of oral questioning to establish that the participant has an understanding of the relevant procedures and principals.


Elementary First Aid certificate will be issued if the criteria is fulfilled for assessment.


This course is suitable for participants who will control the medical emergency until other help is summoned from within the ship.